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Research Achievements


Dr. WONG Ka Leung Gary:

1. Chi-Fai Chan, Rongfeng Lan, Ming-Kiu Tsang, Di Zhou, Sam Lear, Wai-Lun Chan, Steven L. Cobb, Wai-Kwok Wong, Jianhua Hao, Wing-Tak Wong and Ka-Leung Wong*, “Tuning the Plk1-interrupting cancer cell division of lanthanide-based upconversion nanomaterials through specific surface-coating peptides”, Journal of Materials Chemistry B, (2015), DOI: 10.1039/C4TB02104E.

2. Wai-Lun Chan, Zhenyu Liu, Shengbo Lu, Peter A. Tanner and Ka-Leung Wong*,“The reported anomalous emission intensity of the 5D0 → 7F4 transition of Eu3+ in a molybdate double perovskite”, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, (2015), 3, 960-963.

3. Zhenhao Liang, Chi-Fai Chan, Wing-Tak Wong, Chi-Sing Lee, Ga-Lai Law, and Ka-Leung Wong*, “The Effect of increasing the number of the same chromophore on photosensitization of water-soluble cyclen-based europium complexes with potentials for biological applications” , RSC Advances, (2015), 5, 13347-13356. 
4. Tao Zhang, Rongfeng Lan, Chi-Fai Chan, Ga-Lai Law, Wai-Kwok Wong, and Ka-Leung Wong*, ‘In vivo selective cancer tracking gadolinium eradicator as new generation photodynamic therapy agent’, Proceedings of National Academy of Science USA, (2014), 111, E5492-E5497.
5. Lijun Jiang, Lui-Lai Lau, Hongguang Li, Chi-Fai Chan, Rongfeng Lan, Wai-Lun Chan,  Terrence Chi-Kong Lau, George Sai-Wah Tsao, Nak-Ki Mak and Ka-Leung Wong,* ‘EBNA1 specific luminescence small molecules for imaging and inhibition of latently EBV-infected tumor cells’, Chemical Communications, (2014), 50, 6517-6519.
6. Tao Zhang, Chi-Fai Chan, Rongfeng Lan, Wai-Kwok Wong and Ka-Leung Wong,* ‘Highly selective and responsive visible to near infra-red ytterbium emissive probe for monitoring mercury (II) in aqueous solution’, Chemistry-A European Journal, (2014), 971-973.
7. Chi-Fai Chan, Ming-Kiu Tsang, Hongguang Li, Rongfeng Lan, Frances L Chadbourne, Wai-Lun Chan, Ga-Lai Law, Steven L Cobb, Jia-Hua Hao, Wing-Tak Wong and Ka-Leung Wong,* ‘Dual functional up-converting lanthanide nanoparticles for selective in-vitro imaging and inhibition of Cyclin D as anti-cancer agents’, Journal of Materials Chemistry B, (2014), 2, 84-91.
8. Hongguang Li, Chi-Fai Chan, Wai-Lun Chan, Sam Lear, Kwok-Keung Shiu, Steven L. Cobb, Nai-Ki Mak, Terrence Chi-Kong Lau, Rongfeng Lan, Wai-Kwok Wong and Ka-Leung Wong,* ‘Monitoring and Inhibition of Plk1: Amphiphilic porphyrin conjugated Plk1 specific peptides for its imaging and anti-tumor function’, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, (2014), 12, 5879-5882.
9. Tao Zhang, Chi-Fai Chan, Rongfeng Lan, Hongguang Li, Nak-Ki Mak, Wai-Kwok Wong and Ka-Leung Wong*, ‘Potential differentiation of cancer cells imaging bioprobes by porphyrin-based ytterbium complexes targeting anionic phospholipid membrane’, Chemical Communications, 49 (2013), 7258-7260.
10. Hongguang Li, Frances L. Chadbourne, Rongfeng Lan, Chi-Fai Chan, Wai-Lun Chan, Ga-Lai Law, Chi-Sing Lee, Steven L. Cobb, and Ka-Leung Wong*, ‘Real time detection of cell cycle regulator cyclin A on living tumor cells with europium emission’, Dalton Transactions, 42 (2013), 13495-13501.  


Dr. ZHU Xunjin:



Dr. YANG Zhijun:

The Project - developing Nano-drugs of Toad venom for the treatment of Colon cancer has got funding support by Changshu Government
Have applied for two patents of invention